Joseph Campanelli Headshot
Joseph Campanelli Chairman, President & CEO
Salvatore Rinaldi Headshot
Salvatore Rinaldi Executive Vice President Chief Operating Officer
Peter Bakkala Headshot
Peter Bakkala Executive Vice President Chief Risk Officer
Kevin Henkin Headshot
Kevin Henkin Executive Vice President Chief Credit Officer
Stephanie Maiona Headshot
Stephanie Maiona Executive Vice President Senior Commercial Lender
Michael Sinclair Headshot
Michael Sinclair Executive Vice President Residential & Consumer Lending
Danielle Walsh Headshot
Danielle Walsh Executive Vice President Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer
James White Headshot
James White Executive Vice President Chief Administrative Officer
Paul Evangelista Headshot
Paul Evangelista Executive Vice President Director Specialized Banking
Gracine Copithorne Headshot
Gracine Copithorne Senior Vice President Risk & Compliance Officer
James Daley Headshot
James Daley Senior Vice President Director Structured Finance
Linda Farley Headshot
Linda Farley Senior Vice President
Human Resources
Learning & Development
Eric Johnson Headshot
Eric Johnson Senior Vice President CRE Lender
Jillian Landi Headshot
Jillian Landi Senior Vice President Director Project Management
Anthony LaRosa Headshot
Anthony LaRosa Senior Vice President Director of Accounting
Patrick Lee Headshot
Patrick Lee Senior Vice President CRE Lending Team Leader
Karen Marryat Headshot
Karen Marryat Senior Vice President Chief Marketing Officer
Jeffrey Marshall Headshot
Jeffrey Marshall Senior Vice President Consumer Lending Team Leader
Lawrence Pitman Headshot
Lawrence Pitman Senior Vice President Senior CRE Lending Team Leader
Karl Ruuska Headshot
Karl Ruuska Senior Vice President Investments
Michael Semizoglou Headshot
Michael Semizoglou Senior Vice President Director Small Business
John Shea Headshot
John Shea Senior Vice President Managed Assets Group
Carrie Vargas Headshot
Carrie Vargas Senior Vice President Director of Retail Banking
Brian Sutton Headshot
Brian Sutton Senior Vice President Director Middle Market