Needham Bank Assists Runners During 2018 Boston Marathon


Since 2013, Needham Bank has been hosting events at their locations on the Boston Marathon route to provide a comfortable place for customers to view the marathon with family and friends. The idea originated with the Bank’s Wellesley location at 458 Washington Street and grew when Needham Bank’s Natick office at 17 West Central Street opened in 2016.

This year, many runners could not continue due to suffering from severe weather related health challenges. Upon seeing the big white hospitality tents, runners stopped at both of the Bank’s locations to seek assistance and shelter. Needham Bank employees helped over a dozen runners, providing warm shelter, blankets, dry clothes, food and hot beverages.

Photo of Boston Marathon Runners and Needham Bank Employees in Natick Branch“We were all disappointed for the runners when we saw the weather report for this year’s race, but were even more concerned when it turned out worse than expected,” remarked Sarah Tesorero, Needham Bank’s Creative Marketing Manager. “As the runners came to our tent seeking help, we were more than happy to do all we could to make them comfortable – we wrapped them in blankets, turned the heat up, and helped them contact their loved ones. We did our best to keep their spirits high despite the fact that some of them couldn’t go on to finish the race, but their determination was truly an inspiration.”

Photo Caption: Needham Bank employees in the Natick Office with runners they assisted on Marathon Monday

Just a few miles away in Natick, the situation was similar. “It started with one runner from Utah who was unable to continue because of hypothermia, and then we ended up with more runners coming in throughout the day. Once the runner from Utah was finally feeling better, we found out he was a nurse and he helped others back to health. It was a truly heartwarming experience to see these people from different states and countries helping each other and we were just happy to provide them with a warm and dry location to do so,” commented Lois Seymour, Needham Bank’s Natick Branch Manager.

In an email to Joe Campanelli, Needham Bank’s President and CEO, one of the runners who stopped at the Natick branch recounted his experience and wrote, “Daisy, Lois and others quickly took action and provided warm drinks, food, blankets and Needham Bank t-shirts. They are truly angels and have a special place in my heart. These are the moments when you get a true appreciation of what community means. Thanks again for your team’s love and care.”

The Bank has received numerous texts and emails of heartfelt thanks and appreciation. One text message sent to the Bank included a picture of the runner with his medal stating he could not have finished without the help of the Wellesley branch employees.

“We are so proud of our teams in Natick and Wellesley for the care and attention they provided,” stated Joe Campanelli. “We expect nothing less from our employees because we know how much they care about our communities.”