Structured Finance

Our Structured Finance team provides personalized financing solutions for companies headquartered in Massachusetts, with special focus on the Eastern Massachusetts communities, and select Rhode Island and New Hampshire companies. If your corporation requires more than $10 million in commercial loan products other than investment real estate, we have business loan products that can provide a number of options for creative corporate lending. We seek to partner with company owners, management teams, and private equity sponsors to craft personalized solutions to fit your company’s goals and future needs. Our lending includes sponsored and direct-to-company transactions, family-owned and privately held businesses, and publicly traded companies.

We understand that a one-size fits all approach doesn’t work for our customers. Our lenders have a diverse knowledge base with experience in crafting unique solutions to help with financing growth, acquisitions, and the recapitalization of balance sheets. Our loan solutions are specifically tailored to support your company’s growth—we avoid the one-size fits all approach because we know every business is different. Our banking professionals are not transaction-driven but rather focused on establishing long-term relationships and helping you navigate the path to greater growth and success. Not to mention, our Structured Finance team provides concierge banking in partnership with the Bank's Cash Management team. 

This approach allows the relationship team to deliver everything from deposits, various cash management/treasury products, credit cards, fraud prevention services, online banking products and merchants services directly to you at your company, ultimately saving you time and convenience.

Structured Finance Lending Products

  • Various Revolving Lines of Credit Facilities
  • Senior Term Loans
  • Hybrid Debt Facilities
  • Other Forms of Growth Capital
  • Equipment Loans
  • Letters of Credit

To learn more contact James Daley, SVP - Director Structured Finance


Structured Finance Lending Capabilities

Our Commercial Loans are designed to scale to meet the needs and complexities of your business. With straightforward and transparent lending options, you’ll have the funding you need to support your success.

  • Target loan size of $10 million and greater, with the ability to hold up to $35 million for a business relationship (or over $35 million with the Board of Directors’ approval)
  • Asset-backed transactions with positive cash flow
  • Select cash flow deals with strong sponsorships
  • Directly originated transactions
  • Select-syndicated/club transactions
  • Customizable debt structures
  • Select project finance transactions
  • Fixed-rate solutions through interest rate derivatives
  • Efficient execution
  • Multi-year commitments, up to 10 years in certain circumstances

Business Services

Cash Management

We’ll recommend the best combination to help you maximize cash flow, save money, and reduce the time you spend on your business’s finances. Our Cash Management Team will work with you and in conjunction with the Structured Finance Lending Team to understand what you need and are looking for and then create a special product offering for your company. Learn More

NB Business Online & Mobile Banking

From depositing checks to managing user entitlements to advanced Cash Management, the essential financial tools for all of your banking needs are available in one place. NB Business Online and Mobile Banking scales with the needs of your business. We’re constantly improving our online & mobile features and user experience so you can bank how you want, when you want. Business decisions are not always made in the office – NB’s Business Mobile Banking gives you the ability to monitor accounts, receive security alerts, transfer funds, deposit checks, approve payments and more from your mobile device. Learn More


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SWEB Development

Early on Florian knew Needham Bank was a great banking partner for SWEB, not only because of our business solutions, but also thanks to our similar commitment to the community....

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