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At Needham Bank, we know you have enough on your plate as a parent.
That's why our NB Checking account is as simple as it seems.


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Why choose NB Checking?

NB Checking is great for individuals as well as families. With full ATM fee reimbursements everywhere across the globe, every ATM is "your" ATM with NB Checking. We know a lot of banks say that, but we mean it - and we credit your account automatically as you shudder accepting those $5 fees from the Big Bank ATMs when you need last minute cash for bake sales or lunch money. 

But there's plenty of other benefits to NB Checking as well.

  • No Account Fees
  • No Minimum Balance

  • Mobile Check Deposit

  • Pays Interest

  • Cash Back Rewards

  • Personal Finance Manager to
    Help with Budgeting

The Best in Online and Mobile Banking

Along with all the great account benefits noted above, NB Checking comes with the best in online and mobile banking. Although we’re a local bank, we can be everywhere you are because you can do everything you need on the NB Mobile app. Deposit checks, transfer money, pay bills, and even set up a budget with our personal finance manager, all from the palm of your hand. You can even earn Cash Back rewards by using your NB Debit Card at some of your favorite retailers.

Another great thing about Needham Bank and NB Checking? We still believe in customer service. That's why we make sure our customers know there's always a private banker available to help when needed. Here, try it out by calling Michelle DeSimone directly at 781-474-5925 or by emailing her here. You can even click this link to view her schedule and reserve a time to meet that works best for you.

Open an NB Checking Account