Business Loans

Running a business, small or large, is not easy in today’s world. Your banking partner should make the challenge easier, not harder. Yet too many banks seem intent on placing barriers to success by imposing a dizzying array of fees, befuddling account options, and little-to-no personalized attention.

At Needham Bank, investing and supporting small to medium size businesses has always been at the center of our mission. We’ve built a skilled, vibrant business lending group focused on creating long-term relationships with our clients which is focused on mutual success. Speaking of relationships, our customers work with the same lender from project to project; there is never a worry that you will be handed off to “junior” staff once your loan is closed.

We understand that your business may have a need for lines of credit for working capital, term loans for equipment and other assets, standby letters of credit, and owner occupied real estate mortgages. We also understand there are nuances among business models, cash cycles, and management strategies. That is why we look well beyond a standard computerized loan program to make lending decisions. At Needham Bank, clients will always be treated as individuals, not as a number created by a faceless computer’s algorithm.

Talk to us today to set up an appointment for us to meet. We genuinely want to understand how your business operates and therefore, how we can be of service to you.