I received a message about an upgrade coming to business online banking; was this message sent by Needham Bank?

Yes, the message you've received regarding an upgrade to Business Online and Mobile Banking is genuine as we're excited to introduce the new e-platform in early December. Please keep an eye out for additional information being shared throughout November and early December. If you have any questions, kindly contact Riandra Bhoge at 781-474-5498 or RBhoge@NeedhamBank.com.

How do I connect my QuickBooks or Quicken to Needham Bank with Business Online Banking?

At this time, web connect is the connection available for pulling account history from Business Online Banking into Quicken and QuickBooks. You will need to access the "Downloading Your Transactions" guide for instructions to download the account history activity into a Quicken or QuickBooks file. Then, you will import that file into your preferred program.

How do I retrieve a copy of a check that was deposited through Business Online Banking?

You can contact the Bank to retrieve copies of deposited checks by logging into your Business Online Banking account, going to Online Requests and selecting the Request Account Research link. This will allow you to specify which deposit you are looking for and submit a secure email to the Bank for processing.

What are your support hours for Business Online Banking?

You can reach a business online banking specialist M-F 7:00 am – 4:00 pm at (781) 474-5804.

Can I receive my NB Business Online passcode via text message?

Once you have logged into your NB Business Online banking, you can update the delivery method of the one-time passcode. While logged in to your online banking from the Administration Tab, under My Profile, select Manage Security Code Delivery. From this screen you can activate text messaging for the one-time passcode. Please be aware, we do not deliver the security code via e-mail.

How do I access Bill Pay for NB Business Online Banking?

If you originally requested Bill Pay upon enrollment for NB Business Online Banking, you will receive a separate e-mail with your bill pay user ID and password. Bill Pay uses a one-time sign-on system. You will only be prompted to enter a bill pay user ID and password the first time you access Bill Pay. The system will then save the bill pay credentials going forward. If you did not request Bill Pay upon enrollment for Business Online Banking, please send a Secure E-mail through your NB Business Online session, and request to add Bill Pay.

How do I add other accounts to my Business Online banking?

Simply send a secure e-mail from within business online banking, and request the account be linked. While logged in to your NB Business Online banking, click the email link located in the top right or bottom right corner to access the secure email form. To open an additional business account, contact Chris Teachout at 781-474-5476.

How do I make a deposit to my Needham Bank account from a remote location?

At Needham Bank, you can make deposits to your Needham Bank account via NB Mobile with Mobile Deposit, Remote Deposit Capture for businesses, Direct Deposit, Mobile or Online transfers between accounts, and directly through a Needham Bank ATM.

What are the benefits of using NB Business Online Banking?

NB Business Online Banking is a great solution to managing your business accounts. It allows you to view account history, include multiple entities within one online profile, transfer funds, initiate wire requests, pay your bills and invoices online, pay your federal taxes online, and download your information into QuickBooks. NB Business Online is customizable to your business needs. We can help you save time and be more efficient.