Secure Email

Needham Bank uses a secure email system to securely transmit sensitive information and attachments to and from customers.  All customers are encouraged to use this secure mode of communication. It will require an account be setup.

Setting up an account is easy, when you receive  a secure email from bank employees, you will be prompted to register.  For a brief video tutorial please visit: Needham Bank Secure Email Tutorial.

Once an account is established, you can use that same email to securely reply to your contact at the bank. The same reply option also allows you to add attachments, and send those securely as well.

Please be aware that under no circumstances should nonpublic customer information (NPCI) be transmitted via unsecured email.

For your protection and that of our customers, please do not include account numbers, social security numbers, passwords or any other NPCI in email messages sent to or from Needham Bank.