The Regal Press, Inc.

Bill Duffey, Founder

Posted on 9/15/2019

The printing business has undergone tremendous change in recent years. Many printers that have been slow to respond to the advent of new technology have failed. Those few that have adapted quickly to shifting customer requirements have prospered. Norwood’s Regal Press, Inc. is one of those companies that have adapted and found success.

Bill Duffey founded Regal almost 50 years ago. His goal was not just to provide fine quality printed materials, but an end-to-end corporate brand identity service.

Regal helps companies think about their brand image wherever customers might encounter it.

For example, when you go into a hotel room at a Hilton, all of the printed objects – from the memo pad next to the phone to the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the doorknob – were designed and printed by Regal. The same is true of all of the collateral material used by Met Life, National Car rental and a dozen other companies. They’ve also helped Mastercard International with their corporate identity worldwide needs.

Duffey has kept his company successful by constantly investing in new technology and in upgrading the skills of his employees. He has also upgraded his banking relationship after being on a bit of a banking merry-go-round.

“I was originally with Brown Brothers Harriman,” recalls Duffey. “They changed their business model and shifted our account to GE Capital. GE then got out of the banking sector so I went with Webster Bank. And then everybody I knew at Webster suddenly retired! That’s when I switched to Needham Bank.”

That was two years ago. Duffey couldn’t be happier. “The thing about a community bank is that they take a personal interest,” says Duffey. “You can just pick up the phone and reach someone at a high level. They actually come to our plant to see our new equipment. We have a great one-to-one relationship with Joe Campanelli and his staff.”

Bill Duffey wants to see his company to continue to grow – and believes in Needham Bank he now has the right financial partner to do so.

And as for those “Do Not Disturb” signs at Hilton Hotels? “Please take them as souvenirs – we’re happy to print more,” he says with a wry smile.