Are you stuck
                          in a bad relationship?

You’ve seen the signs. Dismissed them perhaps. Thinking it would be more difficult to
make a change than to continue on like everything is fine.

Never there to answer your calls? Causing you to spend more than you should? You ask yourself, how did it get to this? It began well enough. Does it mean you’ve changed over time? Or that your needs have evolved?

Change is good, right?

In every serious relationship there comes a time to reevaluate if this is still the best partner for you and your loved ones. People change, life changes. Banks also change.

Is yours still fulfilling the promise brought forward when you opened your account? Maybe you got that one time bonus for opening an account, only to repay it in spades through fees and service charges.

All for what, to get stuck in a bad relationship?

You deserve better.

We believe that in a healthy relationship, it's as important to empower your partner as it is to provide for them.

So with NB Checking, feel free to use the closest ATM. We'll pay you back in full. Need a new debit card? No problem, we have them instantly available at every branch. Have a check? Easily deposit it via NB Mobile. All with no monthly account fees or minimum balance requirements.

We'll return your calls, texts, and emails.

Let us prove it to you. Start a dialogue and get to know us by calling Steve Walls directly at
781-474-5541 or emailing him at


458 Washington Street, Wellesley