Their Drive Towards Independence

A teenage life is filled with milestones. From their first days at High School to their first days behind the wheel. Momentous occasions arrive with an increased level of responsibility.

They’ve done their practice hours, received their certificate from Driver’s Ed, and now passed the State driving exam. And so here you are, handing over the keys to your son or daughter. As you learned yourself, they now have a responsibility beyond simply operating the car. From oil changes and tire rotations to registrations and renewals. Not to mention a steady stream of gas money.

Speaking of money, how is your new driver going to pay for it all? Maybe it’s time to consider another milestone - their own checking account.

Introducing NB Checking

In addition to no account fees or any hidden charges, with NB Checking your young driver can use any ATM anywhere in the world, and we’ll automatically reimburse every ATM fee. And even though they can now drive to one of our branches, with NB Mobile one never actually has to: easily transfer money, deposit checks, track spending, and receive cash back rewards directly on the app.

Don't wait for college for them to learn about banking.

Please stop by and meet any of the managers at a branch convenient for you. Many of them are parents, too, and will take as much time as needed to discuss banking and set up an account. Or, you can open an account online today. Let’s create the next milestone together.