NB Money Management

Introducing NB Money Management

NB Online and Mobile Banking users now have access to the state of the art personal finance manager, NB Money Management. 

Needham Bank accounts will automatically be loaded into the module, and users can elect to link additional outside accounts like credit cards, loans, and retirement plans for a complete financial picture.

To start enjoying these features, log in to your NB Online Banking account and select "Manage My Money" from the menu. If you prefer the NB Mobile App, select "More" from the bottom menu and continue on to "Money Management."

NB Money Management provides an aggregate view of all transactions, and users can filter views by account and date, as well as search for specific keywords and amounts. In addition, there are a number of features to help users with financial planning:

  • Budgets are displayed in either a list format or in a unique bubble display. Users can set their budgets for specific categories, and the size of the bubble represents that area of your budget comparison to your overall budget, and the color of the bubble indicates whether you are on track, nearing your budget, or over your limit.

Image of pyramid graph demonstrating savings contributions

  • Goals help users plan ahead and visualize long-term financial objectives, such as saving for a home or vacation. This tool provides a timeline of prioritized goals, and projects how long it will take to complete each goal based on a user's saving plans.


Download the NB Mobile app from either the iTunes or Google Play stores now.

  • Trend reports are helpful for viewing spending trends over time. Twelve months of spending by category is displayed along with overall income. This comparison can help a user quickly determine if they are living within their means.‚Äč

  • Cash Flow combs through user transactions to assist in understanding historical spending and predict future spending. It allows users to easily identify and add one-time or recurring bills and payments and helps users see the impact of upcoming payments and plan ahead. 


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