NB Credit Advantage Mastercard®

If you're dealing with annoying high-interest credit card balances, we've got your back! The NB Credit Advantage Mastercard® is here to lend a hand and help you tackle those credit card balances head-on:

Initial Disclosure

Credit Cards are currently available to residents of Massachusetts who are 21 years or older.

Needham Bank Credit Advantage MasterCard

NB Rewards Mastercard® Benefits & Features

Top features for all our credit cards

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Mastercard® Zero Liability

Have peace-of-mind that Needham Bank and Mastercard won’t hold you responsible for unauthorized transactions. 
Learn more about Mastercard Zero Liability.

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Mastercard Enhanced ID Theft Protection

Provides you with alerts to suspicious activity and protects your personal information and digital privacy. 
Learn more and activate Mastercard ID Theft Protection now

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NB My Cards

Control how your Needham Bank credit card is used by blocking certain types of transaction.
Learn more about NB My Cards

Looking for another personal credit card option?

Earn gift cards, cash back, or merchandise just by using the NB Rewards Mastercard®