NB WealthBuilder Mortgage

The No Down Payment Mortgage

If you’re looking to purchase a home, but haven’t had time to save a down payment, the NB WealthBuilder Mortgage may be the solution you’re looking for.

This unique 5/5 adjustable rate mortgage has no down payment requirement—opening the doors to your home buying dreams sooner! Plus with a shorter term, you’ll be able to build equity at a faster rate, making the investment in your home a true wealth builder.

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Benefits & Features 

5-Year Rate Adjustment Period

Your rate adjusts every five years over your 20 year term, building equity quickly.

No Down Payment 

With no down payment required, you may be closer to owning a home than you think.

Dedicated Residential Lending Expert

Work with the same Needham Bank expert from application to closing, so you know you're partnering with someone who understands your needs and is invested in your success. Our lenders are available directly by text, phone and email to help you through the home buying process. 

NB WealthBuilder Mortgage Highlights

  • Borrow 100% - No down payment
  • Build equity quickly with a shorter-term loan of up to 20 years
  • Reduce monthly payments with earlier termination of mortgage insurance
  • Maximum financial flexibility

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What’s the fastest way to pay my NB mortgage from my NB Checking Account?

The easiest way to pay your NB mortgage from your NB Checking Account is through NB Online Banking or NB Business Online Banking by completing a transfer from your checking account to your mortgage.

Can I pay my mortgage from another account?

Yes, you may complete an ACH Agreement in order to do so. Call our Loan Servicing Department at (781) 474-5802 or complete the Authorization Form. Please forward the form to the Loan Operations Department via US Mail or email us at [email protected]

Why did my mortgage payment amount change?

Payment changes result from an adjustment to your interest rate or your escrow payment. Our Loan Operations Department will assist you in providing answers to all your questions. Please contact us by calling (781)474-5802 or by email at [email protected]

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This unique 5/5 adjustable rate mortgage has no down payment requirement—opening the doors to your home buying dreams sooner!

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The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 3.363% as of June 2, 2021 and is based on a 0% down payment. Available for owner occupied single family or condominium primary residences in the Needham Bank CRA lending area only. Maximum loan size $850,000 at 97%-100% LTV. Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) required which may result in a higher APR. The maximum rate adjustment is 5% above the initial interest rate. Rate may increase every 60 months. For a loan amount of $540,000, estimated principal and interest payment: 60 payments of $3,063 at 3.25%, followed by 179 payments of $3,143 at 3.54%, and 1 payment of $3,143 at 3.54%. Payments listed do not include taxes or insurance. Subject to credit approval and subject to change without notice. Minimum FICO score 700 required. NMLS #2141744