How to Control Your Cards from Your Phone: 6 Features of the NB My Cards App

Keep tabs on your Needham Bank debit and credit cards by simply picking up your phone—it’s that easy. With our NB My Cards mobile app, you can manage your cards no matter where you are and sign-up for card alerts so you can keep on living care-free.

Needham Bank’s NB My Cards app helps keep your cards secure by sending transaction alerts and enabling you to define when, where and how your card is used. You can even turn off your card if you misplace it and turn it back on when it’s found.

Learn how to protect yourself, set spending limits and track your card use below.

How to get started

First, download the NB My Cards app from your preferred app store. Our mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Then, register the Needham Bank card(s) you would like to control through the app. In order to do so, you’ll need your card number, expiration date, CVV code, address and zip code. Once you’ve registered your card(s), you can enjoy full control over your card usage in a way you’ve never had before.

Next, set your preferences and enable safe, secure card usage real-time alerts for transactions to monitor and keep you informed of your card usage and quickly detect unauthorized or fraudulent activity.

NB My Card features and benefits 

  1. Turn your card On/Off 

    Turn your card off quickly and easily, whenever and wherever you are. Toggling with the on/off /> card control switch is helpful when your card is temporarily lost. You can use the toggle to prevent fraudulent activity while your card is misplaced, and once you find it, turn it back on right from the main landing page of the app.

  2. Receive instant purchase alerts and push notifications
    Get mobile alerts whenever your card is used. These alerts will include the amount, source and whether there was a debit or credit transaction to your account. You can select which alerts you would like to receive by location, merchant type, transaction type and spending limit.
  3. Manage permitted transactions by merchant and transaction type
    Monitor activity by category, such as gas stations, restaurants and department stores, and by type, such as in-store purchases, e-commerce transactions and ATM transactions. Simply select which merchant types you would like alerts and controls for and turn on their toggles.
  4. Set purchase limits by card, transaction, or merchant type
    Set customized purchase controls to help manage spending. Transactions will be declined if they are above the thresholds you set to control your spending.
  5. Track card use
    Review your card usage history and transaction details from the main page of the app. Click “Recent Transactions” to ensure that all transactions on your cards are authorized and accurate.
  6. Control where you card is used
    Location-based controls and alerts restrict transactions to merchants near your location by using your phone’s GPS. When the GPS feature is enabled, NB My Cards will decline transactions that are not located within the city, state or zip code where your device is currently located.

The NB My Cards app allows you to securely and conveniently control your Needham Bank cards all from your phone. After customizing the controls and alerts you would like for your debit and credit cards, enjoy the ability to manage how your cards are used from anywhere. If you have any questions about NB My Cards, please call us at 1-781-444-2100.