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Important Information for NB Debit Cardholders

Learn more about activating your new EMV card.

New Transfer Features and Apple Pay Now Available

NB Mobile, the Bank’s market leading app, has recently been enhanced with new feature upgrades that provide added convenience to customers.


What is an EMV Chip and why am I getting a new NB Debit Card?

We take your security seriously at Needham Bank which is why we are pleased to offer all of our NB Debit Card holders a new card complete with the latest...

Which Apple devices support Apple Pay?

The iPhone 6s, iPhone6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and Apple Watch for in store purchases. The iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3 can be used for in...

I received an e-mail about Apple Pay. What am I supposed to do?

The e-mail is to verify that you activated Apple Pay on your Apple device. If you did not activate Apple Pay on your device, please call us at 781-474-5804...

How can I add my Needham Bank debit card to Apple Pay?

To add your Needham Bank debit card, open the “Wallet” app, and select the plus sign (+) located in the right hand corner of the screen. Follow the...

What is a Security Code and why is it required to set up Apple Pay?

You are required to enter a Security Code when adding your Needham Bank Debit card to Apple Pay. The 3 digit number is located on the back of your Needham...