Business Loans & Lines of Credit

Build your dreams with personalized lending solutions from Needham Bank like business lines of credit, term loans, SBA guaranteed loans, and more.

Types of Business Solutions

Whether you are looking to expand your operation or upgrade your facilities, our term loan is the credit solution for you.

Meet your short-term borrowing needs and get an extra layer of financial flexibility with our Business Line of Credit.

Receive the financial assistance you need no matter how small with this program specifically designed for companies with 200 or fewer employees.
Get the support you need to start or grow your small business with a government-guaranteed SBA loan.

Benefits & Features

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Cash Management

Access our wide array of business cash management services to build a comprehensive solution that’s right for you. Learn More

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Fully Insured Deposits

We’ve got you covered. All deposits are insured in full through the combined coverage provided by the FDIC and DIF.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business loans work by providing a set amount of money upfront that a business can access and use right away. The business can then repay the funds over time, including the full principal and any interest.

Eligibility requirements for a business loan may vary. However, you can typically expect a review of information such as your business plan, the current state of your financials, your credit history, and any applicable collateral.

It can be challenging to get a startup business loan with no money, but with a solid business plan and a trusted financial partner, it’s possible. Let’s explore your options together.

If your business loan is in your name or you sign a personal guarantee, it can impact your personal credit.

Business loan interest rates may vary based on factors like the type of loan you take and its specific terms. Please contact your experts at Needham Bank for the most current and accurate rates.

A business loan term depends on the type of loan. Talk to the Needham Bank business lending team so we can help you find the right solution for your needs from the wide range of options we offer.

If you can manage the repayments, a business can be a smart way to seize business opportunities, invest in your business growth, handle operational expenses, and more. Talk to your experts at Needham Bank to help you decide if a business loan is the right strategy for you.

Personalized Financial Solutions for Businesses of All Sizes

We’re not just your bank. We’re your neighbors, and we’re committed to serving you with the same steadfast community values we were founded on.

Let us take the time to get to know you so we can build a highly personalized financial strategy as unique as your business.

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