Wealth Management

Ask anyone if they have a comprehensive financial plan and likely their answer will be “yes”. Yet, most Americans do not have a real plan. Or their plan is to make more money someday to be able to save more money for tomorrow. That’s not really a plan.

Most banks believe that they are good at banking, some offer trust services, and many are trying to develop an asset management capability, whether internally or through a partnership. Truth be told, though we understand the world of trust services and asset management, our internal expertise and strengths are in more traditional banking services. We believe our customers and community require a more specialized approach.

As we thought about this growing need, we realized that what we sought was more closely aligned with financial planning than it was with asset management. Clearly, managing assets is important, but in our mind that is simply one piece in the more complex puzzle of financial planning which also touches upon cash flow, estate and succession planning, tax strategies, and retirement planning. At the end of the day, we believe that everyone deserves a plan. Each plan will be different, just as each individual’s life differs.

To that end, in 2015 we entered into a strategic alliance with The Bulfinch Group, a Needham-based financial services and wealth management firm which shares our deep community commitment. We believe each of our customers, whether individuals or businesses, should have a plan.

We feel that by expanding the partnership we enjoy with our customers, we are providing additional value to them in a very new and meaningful way. We each have “financial helpers”, but when, if ever, do they all meet with you at the same time to help you understand how all of the “helpers” work together? That’s what Bulfinch can do. They will take a holistic look at your financial roadmap and offer suggestions that you may wish to consider. There is no cost for their evaluation just as there is no commitment to work with them if, for whatever reason, you choose not to.

Our relationship with Bulfinch has already benefited many individuals and businesses who bank with us, and we look forward to introducing you to them at your convenience. Start the conversation today with the form to the right or by
clicking here. Once we hear from you, we’ll answer any questions you may have and personally connect you with the Bulfinch financial professional most appropriate for your situation.

Please note that products and services provided through The Bulfinch Group are not FDIC insured and are not guaranteed by Needham Bank and may lose value. Securities products and advisory services are offered through Park Avenue Securities LLC, a member of FINRA and SIPC. Life insurance is offered through The Bulfinch Group Life Insurance Agency, LLC, an affiliate of The Bulfinch Group, LLC. The Bulfinch Group LLC, and Needham Bank are not affiliated and are not affiliates or subsidiaries of Park Avenue Securities or Guardian. 2016-22323