About Us

At Needham Bank, what excites us most about banking is the opportunity to help people build their dreams both personally and professionally.

For the last 130+ years, we’ve worked to help our communities grow and develop with best-in-class products and services that make it possible for anyone to dream, do, and build almost anything. Whether you’re building a business, a home, a nest egg, a career, a family, or a community, we’re excited to be your partner in bringing your vision to life. When the time is right, let’s build something together.

Who We Are

A History of Building Communities

We’ve been helping build strong communities since 1892 at a desk in the Needham Public Library. Now over 130 years later, we are serving customers in Greater Boston, MetroWest and beyond with the same steadfast community values we were founded on. In partnership with the Needham History Center and Museum, we documented our rich history: “Building the Builder’s Bank: A History of Needham Bank.”

Our Clients

We are honored to be the trusted advisors of the individuals and businesses who are navigating paths to greater growth and success. With speed, personalized attention, and rock-solid financial stability on their side, our clients will make the difference as they move our communities confidently into the future.

Our Community

Community support isn’t just something that we talk about; it’s something that we do day in and day out because building communities is at the heart of our 125 + year heritage. Needham Bank strives to give over 5% of earnings back to the community as charitable contributions annually and proudly supports over 300 local non-profits. Our support goes far beyond just writing a check, we aim to form meaningful and lasting partnerships with the organizations we work with.