Consumer Loans

Buying a car, consolidating debt, earning a degree — whatever matters most to you, let’s make it happen with flexible consumer lending options that match your needs.

Benefits & Features

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Flexible options

Choose from a variety of consumer lending options and enjoy straightforward and transparent funding for the important things in life.

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Competitive rates

Discover solutions with interest rates and repayment terms that work for you. See current consumer loan rates.

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Online & Mobile banking tools

No matter when or where, track your balance, make loan payments, and more with NB Online, Mobile, & Telephone Banking platforms.

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Dedicated loan expert

Partner with a dedicated lender who will provide expert guidance to make this process smooth and stress-free every step of the way.

Fund what matters most to you. Don’t let finances hold you back — partner with us and move forward.

Tap into your home’s equity with a HELOC to provide funding for what matters most to you.

Let us help pave the road to your new ride. We’ll help you get where you need to go.

Cover your expenses and protect your financial health with the peace-of-mind you deserve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A consumer loan is a type of loan product designed to help you finance large purchases, typically for personal, family, or household purposes. They work by providing you with a lump sum that you can use for any worthwhile purpose, then repay later with interest.

An example of a consumer loan could be an auto loan that you use to buy your dream car.

The world is your oyster when it comes to consumer loans! You can use consumer loans to fund almost any personal need or goal — from consolidating debt to renovating your home, funding your education, and more.

For the most part, yes, consumer loans and personal loans are the same. They’re both flexible loan products you can use for personal reasons.

The biggest consumer borrowing risks are default risk and interest rate risk. Default risk means missing payments, which can hurt your credit score or result in late fees. Interest rate risk refers to interest rates going up, which can increase your payments if you have a variable loan. But don’t worry — even though taking out a consumer loan means shouldering some amount of risk, your Needham Bank experts are here to guide you!

Straightforward and Transparent Lending

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