Commercial Real Estate Loans

We have financing expertise in the purchase or refinance of all types of investment properties including office buildings, industrial properties, apartment buildings, and mixed use properties.

When your project or property is financed by Needham Bank, you get much more than just a commercial loan. You also benefit from our legacy as a leader in the Commercial Real Estate market. In fact, we’re so well versed in Commercial Real Estate and Construction lending that we’re known as the “Builder’s Bank” in many industry circles. With us you work with a lender who innately understands the challenges you’re facing; this isn’t new territory for us.

But also with Needham Bank, you get a responsive and prompt banking relationship. Our Credit Committee meets at least twice each week and our Security Committee meets daily. This means that our customers get their loans approved and closed faster, construction inspections are completed in a more timely manner and construction funds are disbursed more promptly. We know what matters to developers and cater our services to exceed expectations.

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Benefits & Features

Purchase or Refinance Your Investment Property

Whether you’re in an office building, industrial property, apartment building, or mixed-use property, we can leverage our financing expertise to help you.

Prompt Site Inspections and Funds Disbursement 

We know speed and quality matters in your business. Our Credit Committee meets at least twice a week and our Security Committee meets daily, so your needs will be met quickly and with great expertise.

Commercial Real Estate Highlights

  • Consistent loan officer as single point of contact
  • Flexible options
  • Competitive rates
  • Rapid site inspections
  • Funds disbursed promptly

Serving Our Clients

Desco Associates, Inc.

Joseph and James DeStefano are community-oriented real estate developers. The brothers co-founded Desco Associates, Inc. in 1981 and are now working to help revitalize Waverly...

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What types of Commercial Real Estate (CRE) loans do you offer?

Needham Bank offers a wide variety of Commercial Real Estate (CRE) loans including permanent mortgages, lines of credit and construction loans.

How is financing structured for construction loans?

Financing for construction loans is usually interest only for an 18 month period at a rate determined by market conditions.