Is there a mobile app for ZRent and ZDeposit?

There is not a mobile application, though ZRent and ZDeposit can be accessed and used through any mobile browser. The entire user experience is responsive, which means that the applications will automatically reconfigure based on the device that is being used.

Are ZRent and ZDeposit free?

Yes, as long as property managers have the rent payments they are collecting deposited into an account held at Needham Bank. ZRent is ALWAYS free for tenants. Property managers need to have rent payments they are collecting deposited into an account held at Needham Bank.

Who do I contact if I have someone ask me for help on ZRent or ZDeposit?

If you every have any questions regarding ZRent or ZDeposit, you can reach out to their support center at (781) 641-8691, [email protected] or [email protected]

Is ZRent able to accommodate roommates?

ZRent has the ability to accommodate any number of roommates or payment arrangements. Whether each roommate pays the same amount or they each pay different amounts, ZRent can easily accommodate this.

When the date of the end of the lease is reached, does ZRent stop collecting the payments and does ZDeposit automatically release the deposits?

No. The system does not automatically cut off payments or close out security deposits based on the dates entered into the systems. 

Does ZRent handle the actual leases?

No. ZRent is designed specifically to handle the collection of recurring monthly payments (rent or HOA dues) and one-time payments. Though the property manager will enter information regarding the lease (monthly amount due, when it is due, when the lease starts, when the lease ends) in ZRent, it is used only for purposes of collections and does not provide tools to manage the leases themselves.

When using ZRent or ZDeposit, do property managers see any account information from tenants or vice versa?

No. Account information and other personal information is kept strictly confidential between the landlord and the tenant.

When using ZRent, does the property manager have to receive tenant approval before withdrawing money?

Yes. The tenant is always in charge of authorizing any payments. The property manager does not have the ability to authorize payments to be run on behalf of the tenant.

Do all tenants have to use ZRent?

No, it is not required. The policy is up to the landlord or property manager. There are some who make the decision to not to rent to anyone that will not pay via ZRent, and there are others that give the options to the tenants. Those that give the option to their tenants usually have 80% to 90% adoption and then collect rent from the others through alternative methods.

Does a landlord need to use both ZRent and ZDeposit to use the other one?

No. A landlord or property manager can decide to just use one of the systems or both.

Can I use the same login for ZRent and ZDeposit?

Yes. Your username and password can be used for both ZRent and ZDeposit. Any properties that are put into one system will automatically cross over into the other system as well.