9 Mobile Banking Text Alerts You Should Activate

Establishing mobile banking alerts is incredibly helpful, especially when life gets busy. Alerts allow you to keep your bank account in good standing, avoid unnecessary fees and protect yourself from fraud. Being informed about what is going on with your banking account can help minimize any surprises or unwanted activity with your funds. Not only will these alerts provide you with helpful information but you will also feel more secure about your banking experience overall.

Needham Bank offers a suite of alerts through Mobile and Online Banking. These alerts can be sent via email, text or push notification on mobile. Discover the nine mobile banking alerts offered, the benefits of each specific alert and how to enroll.

Types of Alerts Offered

Ultimately, the alerts you choose to activate are up to you and your banking needs. Learn about all of the different alerts below so you can decide which alerts will work best for your finances.

Balance Notifications

Balance Update

Keep a pulse on the funds in your account by setting up weekly balance alerts to prevent any surprises.

Low Balance

Be alerted when your bank account balance drops to a predetermined amount that you select, whether it is $10 or $500. This alert will help prevent you from overspending and incurring expensive overdraft fees.

High Balance

Contrastingly to low balance alerts, a high balance alert will give you a heads up when your bank account balance grows to a predetermined amount, so that you can transfer the excess balance into a higher yielding account.

Transaction Alerts

Large Withdrawal

Make sure that you don’t exceed your daily withdrawal limit. Also, be informed when there is a larger withdrawal than your normal withdrawal amount so you can know when there is unusual activity on your account.

Large Deposit

When funds of an amount you specify are deposited into your account, you will receive a notification so that you can understand the status of your bank account.

Check Cleared

Track when a check clears in your account. If you don’t typically use checks or are waiting for a large check to go through, establish a text alert for when that specific item clears, so you can understand the impact that it has on your balance.


Loan Payment Due

If you are concerned about forgetting to make your loan payment, set up a Loan Payment Due alert. You will receive a notification a specific number of days prior to your payment due date, so that you can make your payment on time and avoid potential late fees.

Loan Payment Overdue

Create a safety net in case life gets busy. Set up the Loan Payment Overdue alert to be notified when a payment hasn’t been received by the due date.

Personal Message

Customize message alerts whether it is to remind you to pay your babysitter, deposit your paycheck or send a relative birthday money with Zelle.

How to Enroll

Now that you understand all of the alerts that you can receive, it is time to set them up. In Online Banking select “My Settings” in the top right corner. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “Alerts & Notifications.” Then, select “Add an Alert.” After doing so, a drop-down menu will open where you can then select the applicable alerts you would like to use and complete the necessary fields.

To receive push notifications on your mobile device, go into the NB Mobile app and select “More” from the bottom toolbar on the right-hand side. Then, select the gear icon in the top right corner and choose “Push Notifications.” After doing that, allow updated settings on your device.

Mobile banking alerts will help you keep an extra eye on your account. By adding email, text or mobile push notification alerts, you will be able to keep track of banking-related notifications that are important to you. If you have any questions about enrolling in alerts, please call 781-444-2100 and press 2.