Farmhouse and Buttercup

Dora Tavel-Sanchez Luz & Gabriel Sanchez Luz, Proprietors

The restaurant business is not for everyone. The hours are long; the competition is fierce; and you have to prove yourself every single day. Husband and wife team Dora Tavel-Sanchez Luz and Gabriel Sanchez Luz know all of this. When the couple came to Needham six years ago, they had already worked at restaurants in LA, New York City and Boston.

In Needham they opened The Farmhouse, a cozy, farm-to-table restaurant which sources organic and local ingredients.It is soon obvious to anyone who enters that they and their staff are passionate about food, libations and caring for their guests.

The space is unpretentious – surroundings from reclaimed wood from torn-down New England barns sets the tone – but the attention to service is second to none. Encouraged by their success in Needham, Dora and Gabriel decided to set their sights on establishing a second restaurant, this time in Natick.

At about the same time, they switched all of their banking business to Needham Bank. “We were impressed by the bank’s community involvement,” says Dora. “They are very approachable and extremely hands-on. So when it came time to expand, Needham Bank was a natural financing choice for us.”

In May 2018, Buttercup Restaurant was launched. Dora now takes the lead with Buttercup; Gabriel with The Farmhouse. They collaborate on menu planning and food procurement – as Dora puts it, “we’re together, even when we’re not together.” According to Dora, what makes the relationship with Needham Bank special is their responsiveness and their commitment to the community.

“When they give you their word, they follow through on it,” she says. “And having a branch close to us in Natick has been great – their staff have been very helpful.” In addition, the bank has chosen The Farmhouse several times for their own customer appreciation events.

“Again, this is all about supporting local businesses,” says Dora.