Romance Scams: Fall in love, not for a scam

Don’t let fraudsters steal your heart or your money. Romance scams have been around for decades, but with the popularity of social networks and online dating apps, they are on the rise. That’s why we’re sharing red flags and best practices to make sure your new connection isn’t too good to be true.

Signs of a Romance Scam

Dating is hard enough without having to wonder if your online crush may also be trying to scam you. Before you swipe right, look out for these red flags so you can safely find your next first date:

  • Fake Photos: Their photos are too good to be true. Scammers will commonly steal photos or create fake photos with AI.
  • Meeting Refusal: They are hesitant to video chat or meet in person. If those photos are fake, it will be a lot harder to mask that at a coffee shop or on Facetime.
  • Elaborate Hardships: They will share stories of illnesses, accidents or other fabricated emergencies to manipulate your emotions and ask for money.
  • Poor Spelling or Grammar: This often indicates that they are coming from a different country or may not be who they say they are.

Helpful Tips to Stay Safe

It’s easy to get starry-eyed when you think you’ve met “The One”. To protect yourself, limit what you share online. Scammers can use personal details from your social media and dating profiles to understand and target you.

Follow these best practices to ensure you don’t lose your heart and your money:

  • Never wire or send money overseas, especially to someone you met online and have never seen in person.
  • Don’t share personal information including money, card or bank details, or important identity documents.
  • Never send intimate photos or videos of yourself because scammers often use them as blackmail.
  • Don’t keep your online relationship a secret, as scammers will try to isolate you from friends and family. Talk to people you trust so they can help spot the warning signs.

If you believe you’ve fallen victim to a romance scam, cut off communication with them and immediately call our Customer Care Center at 781-444-2100.