SWEB Development

Florian Mueller, Chief Financial Officer


Florian Mueller is helping lead the world to a more sustainable and healthy future. Florian is Chief Financial Officer at SWEB Development, a renewable energy company that develops, constructs and operates renewable energy projects throughout North America and Europe. SWEB is also a subsidiary of W.E.B, an Austrian, community-owned energy transition company with the mission to drive global energy transition.

SWEB is rooted in the idea that community matters and they believe that a strong project begins with a strong relationship with the community. One way that SWEB does this is by collaborating with as many local suppliers and partners as possible to positively affect the value of each project. Early on Florian knew Needham Bank was a great banking partner for SWEB, not only because of our business solutions, but also thanks to our similar commitment to the community.

By focusing on relationships rather than transactions, Needham Bank can offer customized banking solutions to SWEB with the added benefit of helping provide clean energy to the region we serve. Now, Needham Bank finances two of SWEB’s solar farms in Brimfield and Brookfield, Massachusetts and just signed a deal to finance a wind farm that will generate clean, regional energy by late 2022.

Florian appreciates the relationship that SWEB Development has with Needham Bank’s James Daley, SVP—Director Structured Finance. James has a deep understanding of renewable energy financing and will take the time to create customized financing packages that fit SWEB’s unique requirements. And with James’ help, Florian can focus SWEB’s time and resources on bringing renewable solar energy to more people.