Bret LaBelle

“At a big bank you’re just a number — nobody knows you and nobody cares. At Needham Bank, that’s not the case. You always receive the best service and feel like the most important person in the world.” – Bret LaBelle

Boston Police Lieutenant Bret LaBelle opened his first account at a big bank when he was just 13 years old. Although this bank was all he’d ever known, he couldn’t seem to ignore the fact that he was growing more and more disappointed with the service and unnecessary fees he kept receiving from them.

Over 6 years ago he became so fed up with the big bank that after driving by one of our branches on his way home to Dedham, he finally decided to stop in and was immediately greeted by a warm and attentive staff. He was so impressed by branch manager Jackie Biancuzzo that he opened his first checking account right then and there.

LaBelle quickly realized the value of a full relationship with Needham Bank. The high level of service, sense of community, and easy-to-use products ultimately influenced him to switch all of his banking over to Needham Bank—ending the big bank relationship he’d had for years with no regrets.

Bret’s journey has brought many exciting opportunities, including a role as a contestant on CBS’s Survivor and The Amazing Race. Competing on these shows sparked a newfound passion for travel in LaBelle and he considers himself lucky to have already had a banking partner that reimburses ATM fees. With NB Checking’s unlimited ATM fee reimbursement, Bret can focus on creating new experiences while traveling and not trying to find the nearest low-cost ATM.