Email Subdomains: Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever received an email and noticed an additional section after the @ symbol in the email address? This extension is referred to as a subdomain and many companies use them for different email initiatives. Please take a moment to learn what subdomains are and which subdomains Needham Bank may use when we contact you.

What is an email domain?

An email domain is the section of an email address that follows the @ symbol. For personal emails, domains are most often, and For business emails, most companies prefer to use their name (for example so that it is easy to verify who sent the email.

What is an email subdomain?

A subdomain is an email address under the main domain. It comes immediately after the @ symbol, as a prefix to the domain.

What Needham Bank email addresses will email me?

Most emails you receive from Needham Bank will come from However, you may receive emails from or

Needham Bank will NEVER contact you through any other email addresses other than the three mentioned above.

How can I tell if an email address is legit or not?

Scammers can try to trick you by making an email look like it is coming from a company you trust. With every email you receive, check the email address to see where it’s coming from.

For Needham Bank emails, it is important to look for the “needhambank” domain in everything you receive from us. Pay attention to typos in the sender’s email address, such as @nedhambank or @needhambnk.

If you have questions regarding the validity of a Needham Bank email, please contact our Customer Care Center at 781-444-2100.