How to Master Your Money Management

Are you looking to get a clearer picture of your finances? It is always a smart idea to build solid financial habits and this includes managing your money. Good money management can help you meet your goals. Luckily, within Needham Bank Online Banking, you have access to NB Money Management, a helpful tool and resource to streamline your finances. Read about our NB Money Management tool so you can learn what to do with your money so you can effectively save and spend.

What is NB Money Management?

With our Money Management tool, you can link other accounts, such as other bank accounts, investment accounts or student loan accounts and quickly get a comprehensive view of your net worth. Plus, you can set goals and budgets to help keep track of what you’re saving and spending.

What are the benefits and features of NB Money Management?

Account Aggregation 

Link all your accounts together, including those outside Needham Bank, for a complete overview of your finances.

Spending Analysis & Customized Alerts 

Track your net worth and cash flow over time to get a better idea of how you’re using your money. All your transactions are categorized so your spending habits are easy to understand.

Debt Management

With seamless integration into other accounts at outside institutions like credit cards and student loans, all of the information you need is right at your fingertips.

Set Budget & Goals 

Achieve your financial goals easily. It’s never been easier to create and track your saving and spending goals.

Customized Alerts & Notifications 

  Set custom alerts to notify you immediately in any scenario.

How do I use the NB Money Management tool?

With all your accounts and transactions available in a single view, regardless of which institutions they’re with, you can budget, set spending and savings goals, and control your personal finances in an entirely new way. On top of using our Money Management tool, remember to control your spending, save regularly and build credit. If you have any questions about NB Money Management, please call Needham Bank at 781-444-2100 and press 2