How to Receive Cash Back Rewards with Your NB Debit Mastercard

Are you interested in receiving bonus cash from your favorite stores? Our My Rewards program allows you to receive cashback rewards from dozens of participating merchants.

Needham Bank offers a suite of rewards in a variety of categories, including the following: automotive and industrial, books and media, clothes and fashion, electronics, entertainment and leisure, and food and drink. Read more to learn how to receive rewards that best fit your needs, and how to enroll in My Rewards through Online and Mobile Banking.

What is My Rewards?

As you use your NB Debit Mastercard, My Rewards allows you to receive cashback rewards from participating merchants.

Once you are enrolled, you can easily search through available rewards and activate any offers that interest you. The rewards earned through these offers are then automatically deposited into your linked NB Checking account.

How do I receive these rewards?

Watch our video featuring Katie Lawes, VP Digital Banking, to understand how you can get cashback rewards just by using your debit card.

How do I access My Rewards?

Now that you understand what My Rewards entails, it is time to learn how to enroll in the program. In Online Banking, select “Join My Rewards” within the My Rewards widget on the homepage. Once you are enrolled, the My Rewards widget will show a snapshot of available offers and will act as a direct link to the My Rewards homepage.

To enroll from your mobile device, go into the NB Mobile app and select “More” from the bottom toolbar on the right side. Then, select “Get Rewards” from the Services section. After enrolling, you will be able to access available offers through the same mobile steps just outlined.

My Rewards is an incredible way to build on your everyday purchases. By activating and redeeming your cashback rewards, you will be able to receive extra money directly into your NB Checking account. If you have any questions about enrolling in My Rewards, please call 781-444-2100 and press 2.