Village Forge, Inc.

Tina Killeen, President

“Needham Bank was there for Village Forge when no one else was. Every employee I’ve interacted with has gone out of their way to assist me however they can, which isn’t what I experienced at previous banks. The customer service and dedication to being a community partner are absolutely tremendous.” – Tina Killeen

Tina Killeen has seen Village Forge transform from a small railing shop out of her parents’ basement to a successful steel fabrication and welding company. Tina joined the family-owned business in 1982 alongside her three brothers and is now President of Village Forge.

Over the years, Village Forge has worked on a portfolio of impressive projects including the Logan Airport Satellite Station, Massachusetts State House Senate Chambers, the Green Monster Sign at Fenway and many more. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Tina knew she’d need help to keep her team of 22 employed.

When the Small Business Administration started the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), Tina recalls being told by her bank at the time that they wouldn’t be able to help her secure a loan. Determined to find a solution, Tina reached out to Michael Semizoglou, SVP—Director Small Business, to see if there was anything he could do for her business even though Village Forge wasn’t a Needham Bank customer yet. And just like that, Michael was able to provide her with a PPP loan.

Tina is incredibly appreciative of Needham Bank’s response to the pandemic and dedication to helping as many local businesses as possible, whether they were customers or not. Knowing that 22 of the nearly 16,000 jobs Needham Bank saved were her employees is something that she will always feel thankful for.

Now that Village Forge is a full-fledge Needham Bank customer, Tina looks forward to the continued support and superior customer service from Michael and his team.