Personal Checking Account

No fees, no fuss — who said managing your money has to be hard? Simplify your finances with a free NB Checking account from your friends at Needham Bank.

Personal NB Checking Highlights

We provide full ATM reimbursement at every ATM in the world, so you save money on ATM fees any time you use another bank’s ATMs.

Manage your money whenever and wherever you want with online and mobile tools that make remote banking easy.

Free tool to help you create a budget, categorize and track expenses, set goals and track your progress.

Open a Free NB Personal Checking Account Online

At Needham Bank, we built the best free checking account around with great features to make your life simple. Set yourself free from fees with free checking, free ATMS — all hassle-free!

Commitment to Community

We’re not just your bank. We’re your neighbors, and we’re committed to serving you with the same steadfast community values we were founded on. Let’s conquer your finances together.

From Customers Like You

“At a big bank you’re just a number — nobody knows you and nobody cares. At Needham Bank, that’s not the case. You always receive the best service and feel like the most important…”


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Frequently Asked Questions

Think of a checking account like your money’s home base. How does it work? Just team up with a financial partner like Needham Bank (hi, that’s us!) to safely store your funds. You can then access those funds for daily transactions, like paying bills, depositing checks, withdrawing cash, and more.

All you need to open a checking account is five minutes — plus some basic personal information and an ID, like your driver’s license.

Sure can! Pajamas welcome. You can get started by filling out this form to open your free Needham Bank Personal Checking Account.

Some checking accounts earn interest, but others don’t. Ours does, by the way — see our current deposit rates or ask one of our experts to learn more!

Nope! You can open your free Needham Bank checking account without worrying about a ding on that shiny credit score.

Good news: Your NB Checking account has no minimum balance requirement to earn interest. However, if we’re talking about financial health, it’s probably a good idea to keep enough money to cover things like bills, outings, and unexpected expenses. If you’re not sure what that number is, we can help!

If a checking account is like your money’s home base, a savings account is like a secret room. Stashing funds away in a savings account means they’re not quite as easily accessible, and you’ll usually earn a little more interest too.

Absolutely! With Needham Bank, all your deposits are insured in full. We’ll help keep your money safe in your free checking account.

You can have as many checking accounts as you want! However, when it comes to personal finances, intention and strategy go hand-in-hand. Let’s talk about why you might need more than one and how we can help.