The Best Time to Save Money on Products and Services

From Cars to Appliances: The Best Times to Save Money on Major Purchases

Timing can be everything, especially when it comes to finding the best deals on your favorite products. When you know the best time to buy, you can plan your purchases better and keep more of your hard-earned money in your Needham Bank account. Each month, certain types of products go on sale and they’re not always what you’d expect. Read on for tips on how to save money on your next grill, mattress, TV and more.

Best products to buy in January 

  • White sales: The best time to buy linens like sheets, blankets and towels is during January “white sales,” when many major retailers offer deep discounts on bedding. 
  • Exercise equipment: New Year’s resolutions make January the best time to buy exercise equipment like treadmills and elliptical machines.
  • Electronics: If you’re wondering when to buy a TV, this is the time. The Consumer Electronics Show in January reduces the price of cameras, TVs, tablets and electronics as the new models are released. You can also score discounts through pre-Super Bowl sales.

Love those February sales

  • Mattresses: President’s Day sales make this month one of the best times to buy a mattress. Experts recommend replacing your mattress every 7-10 years.
  • Chocolate, steak and seafood: Look for discounts on this love trifecta right after Valentine’s Day. 
  • Weddings: In most regions, winter is the off-season for weddings, so take advantage of discounts offered on everything from the dress to the venue and more. 
  • Tax prep software and services: Early bird tax filers will find sales of 30-50 percent during the month of February. 
  • Winter appliances and clothes: Hit up end-of-winter sales for great deals on winter clothes, sports gear, heaters and humidifiers. 
  • New furniture and appliances: February may well be the best time to buy appliances. New models begin rolling out in February, which makes this the best time to buy last year’s furniture and appliances. 

March forward with great discounts

  • Exercise equipment: Did you stick to your New Year’s resolutions? Neither did most people. That’s why exercise equipment goes on sale during March. 
  • Digital cameras: New digital cameras are announced in the beginning of the year and are released a few months later, which makes March one of the best months to buy a digital camera. 
  • Boats: Boat-show season is almost over, which makes this a great time to buy a boat. 
  • Golf clubs: Last year’s golf clubs go on sale in March to tee up new models. If you’re planning on improving your game, March is the best time to do so for less.
  • Luggage: Suitcases go on sale in March to make room for the upcoming travel season, so March is the time plan that spring break getaway with new luggage.

Shower yourself in April deals

  • Car supplies: April is National Car Care Month, which makes it the best time to buy car parts, tires and car services. If you’ve been putting off that investment in tires, make April the month to get rolling.
  • Vacuums and cleaning supplies: With spring cleaning in the air, April is the best time to buy a vacuum, carpet, flooring and other cleaning supplies. 
  • Outdoor items: It’s almost time to get the lawn ready and think of warmer days ahead, so April is a great month to get the best deals on pressure washers, air conditioners, lawn mowers, tractors, cordless drills, tools and gas grills. 

You may love these great May sales 

  • Home improvement: Before you sit down and enjoy the lazy days of summer, tackle that home improvement project in May. Supplies like stains, interior and exterior paints, cookware and home goods go on sale this time of year. If you have equity in your home, consider taking out a Home Equity Line of Credit to fund your project. 
  • Mattress: Experts say look for Memorial Day sales to find a great deal on a mattress. Some of the other best mattress sales happen in February and ahead of Labor Day in September.
  • Gym memberships: With the weather improving, many gyms offer great deals on memberships, so be sure to jump on these sales when they happen.

Grab hot deals in June

  • Gas grills: With the warmer weather and Father’s Day, gas grills are often discounted this month, making June one of the best times to buy a grill.
  • Father’s Day sales: Restaurant dinners, tools and paint go on sale in June, so buy more for Dad, for less. 
  • Laptops: June marks the start of back-to-school season, making it the best time to buy a laptop.  
  • Technology: June is the end of Japan’s fiscal year, which brings prices down on other technology like digital cameras and TVs. If you skipped the electronics sales in January, June will be your best bet.
  • Exercise equipment: Ellipticals, treadmills and summer sports gear go on sale during this summer month. 
  • Tropical vacations: With the onset of hurricane season, June can be a great month to grab deals on tropical destinations. Just be sure to closely monitor the weather forecast and buy trip insurance in case the weather doesn’t cooperate.

What to buy in July

  • Home improvement: Buy home supplies like decking, exterior/interior paint, siding, outdoor grills and more in July while the temperatures are high and the prices are low.
  • Refrigerators and appliances: Washing machines, dryers, stoves and other household appliances are often marked down in July. 
  • Amazon Prime Day: Amazon Prime Day, the online retail giant’s annual “Christmas in July” sale, can help you find great deals on a variety of products. Many other retailers have similar mid-year deals.
  • Summer clothes: Summer is almost over, which makes July a great time to find deals on summer apparel for this year or next. 
  • Jewelry: Summer is a slow season for jewelry, so many retailers offer deep discounts on rings, necklaces, bracelets and more. 

Educate yourself on August deals

  • Tax-free shopping days: Look out for tax-free shopping days during back-to-school season. Legislation passed in 2018 established an annual tax-free weekend in Massachusetts, which occurred mid-month in 2019.
  • Back-to-school supplies: Backpacks, laptops, clothes and more often go on sale as kids head back to school. Find those tax-free shopping days to save even more. 
  • Indoor and outdoor appliances: You can find good sales on seasonal appliances like air conditioners, dehumidifiers and snow blowers during the dog days of summer. 
  • Grills: Grilling season is almost over, which makes August a great month to find deals on outdoor grills if you’re in the market and missed the early summer sales.
  • Outdoor furniture: With summer winding down, August is the best time to buy patio furniture. 

See these September discounts

  • Patio furniture: Score deep discounts on outdoor furniture now that the prime season has passed. You can also take advantage of deals on barbeque grills in September.
  • Apple products: New Apple products are often released in the fall, making September a good time to upgrade your Mac computer, iPhone or iPad as older models go on sale. 
  • New cars: September is a great time to buy a car as dealers make room for the new models. If you’re in the market for a new or used car, check out our auto loan rates
  • Flights: September is the best time to buy airline tickets for less, especially if you have holiday travel plans.
  • Mattresses: If you still haven’t purchased that new mattress yet, take advantage of Labor Day deals.

Hauntingly good October deals

  • Lawnmowers and tractors: Fall is in full swing and mowing season is ending, which makes this a great time to score a deal on a lawnmower or tractor.
  • Technology: Digital cameras, printers, desktop computers and laptops are often on sale during the fall season. 
  • Jeans: Need a new pair of jeans? Find great deals in October on leftover denim from back-to-school sales.
  • Department store items: Department stores slash prices in October for Columbus Day, so enjoy deals on apparel, home goods and more. November is just around the corner though, so be sure to reserve some spending money for Black Friday shopping.

Be thankful for these November deals

  • Baby products: November tends to be the best time to find discounts on baby supplies and furniture. 
  • Large home appliances: Large appliances like refrigerators and vacuum go on sale in November, so if you need to invest in any of these big-ticket items, November is the time.
  • TVs and gadgets: Shop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday to get deep discounts on tech and gadgets, including TVs, laptops, game consoles and more. 
  • Wedding dresses: If wedding bells are in your future, many bridal shops offer great deals on wedding dresses in November to make way for the newest styles. These deals often extend through December too.
  • Cars: Don’t get taken for a ride. The best time to buy a car is toward the end of the month or quarter when sales teams are trying to hit their sales goals. November is a particularly good time because dealers need to clean out their inventory. 

December bargains 

  • Electronics: Holiday sales mean serious discounts on headphones, TVs, tablets, Blu-ray players and more. If there’s a techie on your holiday gift list, December is the time to buy.
  • Gift cards: Not sure what to buy a friend, family member or colleague for the holidays? Gift cards are always appreciated, and December is a great month to take advantage of discounts.
  • Exercise equipment: Run to the stores to score sales on treadmills, ellipticals and more before the new year begins and New Year’s resolutions drive prices up. 
  • Homes: December is the slow season for homebuying and renovation, so now is the time to find deals if you’re in the market for your first house or a home renovation. Keep an eye on mortgage rates and get customized quotes through Needham Bank’s Mortgage Center.
  • Holiday decorations: Right after the holidays is the best time to pick up new holiday decorations for next year. 
  • Golf clubs: December is a great month to tee up savings on golf clubs since new products come out in the new year.